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Parking Karma

shutterstock 127209596 350I have an amazing gift. I can find a parking place in front of wherever I am going probably 75% of the time. I live in a big city where parking is a major issue. I say out loud, “All right parking karma, I want a spot right in front!” It is truly amazing how often I get what I ask for. It has become a bit of a joke. People want to take me with them just so I can land them a good parking place.

A prevailing belief in the Energy Medicine, quantum physics and self-help worlds is that we shape our realities with our thoughts. I wonder, what would happen if I asked with such confidence and clarity for other things? Jan Engels-Smith writes about prayer in the latest issue of Energy Magazine and defines it as simply being “focused energy with strong intent.” If you have ever done any of the “energy experiments” in Pam Grout’s bestselling books E2 and E3, you know this is exactly what she is talking about as well. I have tried the experiments, most of which are frivolous and fun, with mixed success.

Maybe I have such success with parking places because I have built up the confidence needed to ask with assurance (strong intent) and because I am very, very clear about what I want in that moment (focused energy). While parking places are trivial, our clients’ challenges are not. As a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, I’ve learned the techniques of the Healing Touch Program. I know where to put my hands and in what order. I know how to set my intention and ground myself. But as I go deeper into the work, it is becoming even clearer how important this “focused energy with strong intent” is. It is everything. It is the mechanism that initiates healing.

In order to know what to focus on, we need to listen carefully, both to our clients and our intuition. In this way, we get clear about what specifically to ask for. Asking for pain to reduce from 7 to 0 on a pain scale or for infection to leave the body is powerful. I have started restating out loud the goals my clients and I set in the intake once they are settled on the table. This helps not only me as a practitioner, but also my clients. After all, all healing is self-healing, so reminding clients what they are asking for engages their thought processes and their innate ability to shape their own reality. It is the same as me sitting in my car shouting my request at “parking karma.” The only difference is that our clients’ health and well-being are far more significant. 

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