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canyonlandThere is a place I go to when I seek solace and quiet, a holy place. I discovered it quite by accident on a walk early one morning when I stopped for a moment to “drink in the morning.” In that moment I was aware of something different, as though I was standing in the presence of something timeless, a feeling of grace. It was tangible and palpable. As I stood, my soul began to resonate and a feeling of connection and peace washed over me.

I have tested this place, going back over and over again. Sometimes I have returned day after day, sometimes after a stretch of time in between. I have walked toward this place and back and forth in it, sensing the place and watching as the feeling gets stronger and dissipates with distance to insure I am not imagining. Each time I am there I experience a sense of grace, always palpable. It is indeed a holy place.

I don’t pretend to know what fills this place with grace or makes it holy. Others may have an opinion. (Others may not sense what I sense.) In truth, I reject labeling it and instead celebrate the mystery. It is enough that it is a sanctuary for me.

This special place is an elbow in a canyon hosting rock, pinion, sagebrush and cactus. The canyon walls are steep, colored with desert varnish. It looks not unlike the rest of the surrounding landscape. One moving too quickly, too caught in thought, easily can walk by unaware.

I wonder, have I “walked by” other places of grace because I was too caught up in myself? Have I left enough space for something holy to catch my attention? Contemplation of my inner world comes to the foreground and for me, this includes creating a hopefully ever increasing internal space for receiving grace and direction. This openness is one I actively seek. In addition, I consider whether I have something to leave in return, to give back.

These considerations are most important to me. They lead me on an inner journey, one that is rich and rewarding.

I go back again and again to this place regardless of the season, weather or time of day. Each time I leave this place, I find my mind, body and inner world changed, as though I have deeply rested.

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